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Complete Arias from the Cantatas, Masses & Oratorios Volume 5 (BWV 12, 22, 44, 48)-ALTO VOICE/OB/PN (Basso Continuo)

Composer: Bach, J.S.

Publisher: Musica Rara (Germany)

Edition: 1639


Complete Arias from the Cantatas, Masses, and Oratorios Volume 5
for alto voice, oboe, and piano (basso continuo)
by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)- German Baroque composer
1. Kreuz und Krone sind verbunden BWV 12/4
2. Sinfonia BWV 12/1
3. Mein Jesu, ziehe mich nach dir BWV 22/2
4. Christen muessen auf der Erden BWV 44/3
5. Ach, lege das Sodom der suendlichen Glieder BWV 48/4
Edited by John Madden and C.B. Naylor. This title includes solo parts for alto voice and oboe, a realized keyboard continuo, playable on piano or harpsichord, as well as a separate basso part, playable on any bass clef instrument such as cello or bassoon. 
This volume is part of a set of ten volumes of the complete arias and sinfonias from Bach's Cantatas, Masses, and Oratorios for voice, oboe, and basso continuo. The other volumes are also available:
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