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Our Favorite and Helpful Links.

The following links will take you to the home pages of oboists, bassoonists, composers, and even other music publishers and distributors. It will also connect you with sites that provide helpful information from favorite woodwind quintets to information about Vivaldi concerti.

The Music Source -          Tons of sheet music for all instruments, cases from Marcus Bonna and others, as well as a great selection of supplies and gifts.

Aria Double Reeds-                                                       A Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC based seller of Fox bassoons and oboes providing expert service and expertise for all double reed players.  Used instrument and consignment sales available. 

Activist Music Publishing (Alex Shapiro, composer) -
This is the site for California-based composer Alex Shapiro.
Trevco carries all of her double reed compositions in stock. Check her site for other unique and interesting works.

Adrienne Albert -
A fine composer with a unique quality and style to her music. Go to her website to read more and hear excerpts.

AnselmaMusic (Germany) -
Anselma Veit is a teacher, performer, and composer who currently resides in Vienna (Austria). Her series for Fagottino is invaluable and she also offers editions for tenor bassoon.

Bach, Jan -
Go to Jan Bach's site to hear his compositions, several of which are published by TrevCo Music Publishing (TMP).

Barton Cane -
Go to their site for precision gouged, shaped, and profiled bassoon cane. Oboe cane coming soon!

Bassoon Brothers -
Trevco carries their published music. To read about them and purchase their CDs, visit the Bassoon Brothers site.

Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition (BCMCC) - http://www.bassoong/comp.or

This Website is the home of a consortium of bassoon players and educators dedicated to supporting new chamber music works for bassoon. 

Bill Douglas -
This Canadian/American composer and performer writes mostly in a jazz/world music style combined with the Western classical music tradition. His Rock Etudes, later called Vocal Rhythm Etudes have become a staple of many music schools nationwide. TrevCo Music Publishing is pleased to publish many of his double reed compositions.

Carlos Oboe (Carlos Coelho) -
Carlos E. Coelho Woodwinds offers the highest quality new and used Oboes and English Horns, expert repairs, and an exclusive line of shaper tips. Based in Indianapolis, Coelho Woodwinds serves a worldwide market.

Cathy Gerhart WW10 Bibliography -
This is the most comprehensive list of Double Wind Quintets (WW10) that we have found anywhere.

Cimarron Music -
Owner, arranger, composer Bryan Doughty has some very nice and unique editions, with a great web site and easy order process. Trevco stocks many of the titles from Cimarron Editions.

Cobbett Association -
This is a chamber music association that prints a Chamber Music Journal every quarter, packed with VERY INTERESTING articles and information.

Daryl Durran at PSU -
This is the Penn State Music site but it provides a good link to the Pennsylvania Woodwind Quintet and a great repertoire list for reference, along with other useful information.

Diabolical Genius Publishing & CDs -
Trevco carries the complete catalog of printed music from Diabolical Genius Publishing aka Sean Craypo. A CD (recording)of those publications is available from DGP at this site. You may also find publication updates.

Dubowsky, Jack Curtis -
Jack Curtis Dubowsky is a composer, conductor, writer, educator, and filmmaker. He has composed four chamber operas, scored five feature films, a Bassoon Concerto and several chamber works. Check out his web site for a complete overview.

Ewell, Terry -
This is a very comprehensive site put together by bassoonist, composer, teacher, and former IDRS President Terry Ewell.

Friedman, Gary (Composer) -
Hear sound bites for many of Gary's pieces at his website. Trevco carries the complete double reed catalog of this fine composer.

Good Tone Guild Double Reeds -
Good Tone Guild Double Reeds- makes reeds for all levels of players and has a variety of styles and staples. Meg Cassell (the reed maker) is dedicated to making the best reed possible and every reed is guaranteed!

Gregory K Squires Music Production -
A superb source for CD production from recording through final production, marketing, and distribution.

Janet Lanier, composer and arranger -
TMP publishes several of Janet's excellent arrangements. Visit her site to see those and many more. Much of her unique repertoire (and instrumentation) is perfect for church services or special occasions.

Margi Griebling-Haigh, composer -  Trevco Music carries several of Griebling-Haigh's works, and TrevCo Music Publishing produces others. Please check out this great website!

Maslanka (David Maslanka, composer) -

David Maslanka is an American composer who has written sonatas for both oboe and bassoon as well as exciting and challenging wind quintets (3) and numerous chamber music works. Check out his website for a complete listing of repertoire and recordings.

Michael J Burns (composer) -
Site of composer and teacher, Michael J. Burns. Read about his compositions and hear playback of select pieces.

Morelli (Frank Morelli, bassoon) -
Site of New York based bassoonist Frank Morelli. Lots of great info including availability of CDs, concerts, printed music, etc.

OMEA YouTube Channel -

This link is to a Youtube channel set up by Susan Nelson, Bill Jobert, and Karen Pierson with recordings/performances of all of the bassoon trios on the State of Ohio Solo and Ensemble Contest list. 

Phylloscopus Music (England) -
Trevco Music represents Phylloscopus in the USA and stocks most of the double reed editions for immediate delivery. A very interesting site.

Quigley Bassoon Competition -
This site provides complete information about the Meg Quigley Bassoon Competition for female bassoonists.

Reedmaker Reed Shop (Kerry Willingham) -
The Reedmaker Reed Shop provides quality Oboe and English Horn reeds to professional and student oboists. Customer service and help for amateur oboists are Kerry's priorities. All reeds are Totally Guaranteed. Nice guy, too!

Robert Roennes (Norway) -
Robert Ronnes is a noted Norwegian bassoonist and composer. TMP publishes some Ronnes Editions. This is a very interesting and informative web page with sound bites of many of this pieces and lots of helpful general information.

Rubin, Dr Justin Henry -
Dr Justin Henry Rubin is Professor of Music and Chair of the Composition and Theory Department at the University of Minnesota at Duluth. He has written extensively for the bassoon and many of his compositions can be heard at this website.

Running, Arne - composer -
Trevco stocks several of Arne Running's compositions (see online catalog listing) but he has written many more interesting pieces. Check out his informative website and BE SURE to listen to the sound clips. They're GREAT!

Sforzini, Mark (composer) -
Visit Mark's site to discover repertoire and to hear sound bites of his compositions. Mark writes in an accesible and exciting style that is fun for both performer and audience. He's also an excellent bassoonist!

Simon Sargon (composer) -
Simon Sargon is Professor of Composition at Southern Methodist University and has written numerous works for double reeds, all of which are available at Trevco. For more information and a complete catalog, visit this website.

Steinmetz (John Steinmetz) -
Trevco carries most of John's editions for double reeds. Visit this site to learn more about John, recordings of his works, and other repertoire.

Tim Goplerud (composer) -
Many of Mr. Goplerud's compositions are available for purchase through Trevco. Visit Tim's site to hear some of the pieces.

Wiprud (Theodore Wiprud) -
Trevco has Theodore Wiprud's "Hustle" for bassoon quartet (3BSN/CBSN) in stock. Check out his other compositions from chamber to orchestra.

Woodwind Quintet Database -
This is a reference list done by a Japanese musician. However, all reference listings are in English. This is a very complete list that is helpful for seeing what woodwind quintet repertoire is available.