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Miniature d'Umbria II - SOLO OB d'AMORE

Composer: Pfiffner, Ernst

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 2011


Miniature d'Umbria II
for unaccompanied oboe d'amore
by Ernst Pfiffner (1922-2011)- Swiss composer
1. San Rufino: the cathedral with its weighty towers and facade
2. San Domingo: the humble convent of the first poor clare
3. Porziuncola: the intimate chapel within the huge room of Santa Maria degli angeli
4. Carceri: the hermitage in the wood
5. Santa Chiara: the simplified variation of the high church of St Francis
6. Basilica: San Francisco with the upper and lower church and its unique bounty and unity of architecture, frescos and stained glass windows

All the works in this series were composed following an unforgettable stay in Assisi, a town which owes its fame, not to any power or magnitude, but to the serene and courageous figure of St. Francis. There, of curs,e nature and art are combined with the radiance of the saint in a unique fashion. Again and again, the composer was tempted the search creatively for these mysteries and it seemed fitting to do this within the confines of a single voice, not in today's abstinence from harmony and fullness of tone, but following somewhat the timeless example of the Gregorian chant. 

Miniature I concerns scenes from the life of Chiara o Assisi, befriended by St. Francis. Miniature II is for solo oboe d'amore, and was inspired by the important places of Assisi. Miniature III is for solo bassoon.