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Les Nations Volume II: L'Espagnole - 2OB/BSN/PN (Basso Continuo)

Composer: Couperin, François

Publisher: Musica Rara (Germany)

Edition: 64599


Les Nations Volume II: L'Espagnole
for two oboes (or flutes, or violins), bassoon (or cello, or string bass), and piano (basso continuo)
by François Couperin (1668-1733) - French Baroque composer, organist, and harpsichordist
I. Gravement et mesure
II. Vivement
III. Affeteusement
IV. Legerement
V. Gayement
VI. Air Tendre
VII. Vivement et Marque
VIII. Allemande
IX. Courante
X. Seconde Courante
XI. Sarabande
XII. Gigue Louree
XIII. Gavotte
XIV. Rondeau
XV. Bouree
XVI. Double de la Bouree Precedente
XVII. Passacaille
Edited by Edward Higginbottom. This suite of dances appears in four volumes, andis distinctly French and conservative in style. The dances themselves are Couperin's most beautifully turned in the old style: discreet and flowing, but with a wealth of expressive detail, and at times, a force that belies their surface charm. The Chaconnes are a superb example of Couperin's treatment of the form: grandiose in design, tender in expression, rich in detail, though urgent in their drive. 
This edition comes with solo parts for the two top voices, playable by violin, oboe, or flute, a part for "basse d'archet", playable on bassoon, cello, or string bass, as well as a fully realized keyboard continuo. The basse d'archet is a florid, yet conventional basso part, doubled in the left hand of the keyboard part. 
Les Nations Volume I: La Francois is available as MR 1872.
Les Nations Volume II: L'Espagnole is available as MR 1882.
Les Nations Volume III: L'Imperial is available as MR 1857.
Les Nations Volume IV: La Piemontoise is available as MR 1890.