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Duos Concertantes Book 3-OB/CL or FL/CL

Composer: Andraud, Albert

Publisher: Southern Music Co

Edition: B175


Duos Concertantes Book 3
for flute (or oboe) and clarinet
Edited by Albert J. Andraud (1884-1975)- French-born oboist and pedagogue
1. Gambaro- Three Duos Concertantes
2. J. Sellner- Duos
3. Johann Sebastian Bach- Sarabande
4. JP Rameau- Menuet
5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- 12 Duets for Two Bassethorns
6. Georg Friedrich Handel- Allegro
7. Johann Sebastian Bach- Duet
8. P. Lacombe- Passepied
9. Johann Sebastian Bach- Passepied
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