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Variations on an LG Washer Tune (score & parts) - OB/CL/BSN

Composer: Isaacson, Michael

Publisher: TrevCo


Variations on an LG Washer Tune
for oboe, clarinet (A or Bb), and bassoon
by Michael Isaacson (b. 1946) - American composer
From the composer:
Once composers walked through verdant forests to hear the sylvan songs of birds, and the rustle of trees for their musical inspiration. In our time, after buying an LG Korean washing machine with all the bells and whistles, we discovered an actual tune playing in piccolo range that signaled the end of a cycle. I thought it charming until one day when we were doing a heavy load of laundry and the infernal tune kept on repeating and burning itself into my psyche. The only way to exorcise it was to make it the theme of these variations. While the source is commonplace, I hope this treatment will intrigue your rinse cycle. 
-Michael Isaacson
Dedicated to the PEN Trio
Duration: 2:40