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Pacific (Score & Parts)-OB/CL/BSN/ELECTRONICS

Composer: Eichenbaum, Daniel

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 1814


Based Upon a Poem by Elizabeth Savage
for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and electronics
by Daniel Eichenbaum (b. 1977)- American composer

Pacific incorporates the composer's own field recordings of the Pacific Ocean along with recorded narration of the poem. Filtering and manipulation of the ocean sounds create the pitch, melodic lines, and harmonies of the fixed media part. Much of the poem's text is intentionally muffled and concealed in the fixed media part by the sounds of the ocean. Instead, the natural cadence and rhythms from the narrator create the rhythms from which the trio performs. The poem, then, lives through the trio's performance of these rhythms. 

Night begins chipping apart the next day, under
dressed, the will pressed, the end
of the line. Salt moves mountains, then
splits the waves godless as the green. All
intention is arranged by the effort. The oysters
taste of it, seasoned with hesitation
an ocean of refusal is what stood you
here. Cut by wind
reduced to reversals of light. Without
a compass, no other place
is in reach. Nowhere else is near
but the wind, crowded with reflection
The glinting beach compties of struggle. Once
the fight readied your skin. 


The required fixed media audio files necessary for performance of Pacific may be found on the composer's website. This title comes with one full score, and three individual parts which include indications from the audio track, and extensive cues from the other two parts. Dedicated to the PEN Trio, and premiered by the PEN Trio in Fairmont, West Virginia.