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Das Fagott, V6: Contrabassoon - CBSN METHOD

Composer: Seltmann, Werner

Publisher: Deutsche Verlag fur Music (Germany)

Edition: 2162


Das Fagott, Volume 6: Contrabassoon
A Tutor in Six Volumes
by Werner Seltmann and Günter Angerhöfer

Volume 6 of six. This volume is dedicated to the Contrabassoon and includes most of the major orchestral excerpts for contra as well as fingering charts and studies. Table on contents includes:
1. Preface
2. The Contrabassoon
3. Fingering
4. Maintenance
5. Aptitude
6. Posture and Playing Position
7. Embouchure
8. Breathing
9. The Contra Reed
10. History of the Contrabassoon
11. Lessons 1-18
12. Orchestral Studies
13. Index of works and Publishers of Origin
14. Fingering Charts
15. Standard Fingerings and Alternative Fingerings
16. Trills 

Volume 1 is available as DM 30021
Volume 2 is available as DM 30022
Volume 3 is available as DM 30023
Volume 4 is available as DM 30024
Volume 5 is available as DM 30025
Volume 6 is available as DM 30026