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Zydeco-Cajun-OB/CL/BSN (see more info)

Composer: Collection

Publisher: Barenreiter (Germany)

Edition: 7667


for flexible instrumentation
Arranged and edited by Ralf Schwarzien
1. Arcadian two step
2. Les filles du Canada
3. Lacassine special
4. Jolie blonde
5. Perodin two step
6. Crowley two step
7. Petits yeux noirs
8. Chère ici, chère là-bas
9. Don't mess with my toot toot
10. Don't cry no more
11. Zydeco boogaloo
12. Fais do-do
13. Lucille
14. Cryin' Squeezebox
15. Les marins de la Nouvelle France
A style of dance music, usually called zydeco but also sometimes known as cajun, arose in the state of Louisiana approximately a hundred years ago. It reached its heyday in New Orleans during the mid-twentieth century. French and German emigrés brought accordions, washboards and violins to the Mississippi, mingling their music with African elements, echoes of the blues, and snippets from other immigrant cultures.

The accordion had the advantage that it could stand out in noisy bars and carry the bass, melody, and rhythm. It became the leading instrument in this music. To the present day zydeco brings people together for uninhibited cross-generational music-making, listening, dancing, eating, and drinking.

The 15 songs and instrumentals have been arranged for accordion, violin, guitar, bass and a vocal part where appropriate. Mostly, fully written-out percussion accompaniments are included.
This is a collection of 15 arrangements of Zydeco/Cajun music. It is scored for 2 melody lines, a bass line, guitar and percussion. Set includes parts for Melody I & II in C, Bb, and Eb, a bass part in C, Guitar, and Percussion set. Other combos than that which is listed are possible.