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Six Sonatas, op. 3, V1 (1-3) - BSN/PN (Basso Continuo)

Composer: Merci, Luigi

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 57204


Six Sonatas, op. 3, Volume 1
for bassoon and piano (basso continuo)
by Luigi Merci (1695-1750)- Italian composer
Sonata in Bb Major, op. 3, #1
I. Adagio
II. Allegro
III. Larghetto alla scozzese
IV. Minuetto
Sonata in G Major, op. 3, #2
I. Adagio
II. Allemanda. Allegro
III. Andantino alla scozzese
IV. MInuetto. Allegro
Sonata in Eb Major, op. 3, #3
I. Grave
II. Alla breve. Tempo giusto
III. Minuetto
These beautiful new editions of the Merci Sonatas are edited by J C Dassonville, with continuo realization by Guy Struber and include the solo bassoon part, keyboard, and basso continuo part. Volume 2, containing Sonatas 4-6 is available HERE.