2022 Gillet-Fox Bassoon Competition



The Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox Competition (dedicated to the memory of the late master oboist and honorary member of the IDRS, Fernand Gillet, and to the memory of master bassoonist Hugo Fox, principal bassoonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1922-1949) is for bassoonists and oboists who have not reached their 31st birthday by the date of the final round of the competition.

2022 Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox Competition for Bassoon Repertoire:


Jeff Scott
Elegy for Innocence for bassoon and piano (TrevCo)

Gustav Schreck
Sonata in Eb Major, op. 9 for bassoon and piano (any edition)


Gustav Schreck
Sonata in Eb Major, op. 9 for bassoon and piano (any edition)

Ellen Zwilich
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (Presser)

Philipp Friedrich Böddecker
Sonata sopra "La Monica" for bassoon and piano (Univ. Ed)

Dai Fujikura
Following for solo bassoon (Ricordi)

2022 Gillet-Fox Bassoon Contact:

Albie Micklich, chair - micklich@idrs.org

More detailed information and guidelines:

All applicants and contestants shall perform from an edition of the published printed music. Performing from illegally printed copies of any form will immediately disqualify that contestant. Legal copyright for any composition shall be determined and enforced based on the copyright laws of the United States of America, regardless of place of purchase. The use of e-tablets will be allowed only when the contestant can show (by having the original music or a receipt of purchase thereof) that they have previously obtained the published printed music prior to scanning it into the tablet.

To be considered, all application materials must be submitted on or before March 15, 2022.

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Composer Title Publisher Edition Price
Scott, Jeff Publisher: TrevCo Edition: 1103 - 51948
More Info
Schreck, Gustav Publisher: Accolade (Germany) Edition: 57334
More Info
Schreck, Gustav Publisher: Hofmeister (Germany) Edition: 48763
More Info
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe Publisher: Presser Edition: 8437
More Info
Fujikura, Dai

Following (2013) - SOLO BSN

  • Unaccompanied Bassoon
Publisher: Ricordi (Italy) Edition: 65740
More Info
Boddecker, Philipp Friedrich Publisher: Universal Edition (Austria) Edition: 2328
More Info