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Partita per Trio Papillon-FL/OB/PN

Composer: Flosman, Oldrich

Publisher: Zimmerman (Germany)

Edition: ZM33630


Partita per Trio Papillon
for flute, oboe, and piano
by Oldrich Flosman (1925-1998)- Czech composer

Oldrich Flosman was musically influenced by Prokofiev and Shostakovich whom he took as examples, as well as by Bohemian folk music. Traces of the latter can often be felt in his works, in the form of stylized and witty rhythms and unsentimental melodies. He also had a liking for baroque music as can be heard in the Partita presented here which combines Slavonic melodies and rhythms with counterpoint techniques. Surprising changes and contrasting sounds make up a colourful and entertaining piece. This composition was initiated by the Trio Papillon and premiered on 22nd January 1994. Edited by Thomas Richter.