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Three Nocturnes, Book 1 - OB/PN

Composer: Jadin, Louis Emmanuel

Publisher: Zimmerman (Germany)

Edition: ZM31240


Three Nocturnes, Book 1
for oboe and piano
by Louis Emmanuel Jadin (1768-1853) - French composer, pianist, and harpsichordist
and Charles Garnier (1752-1825)
1. Nocturne #1 - sur l'air des Kahms ou Magiciens des Tartares Saigaks
2. Nocturne #2 - sur le Ranz des Vaches et un chant Valasien
3. Nocturne #3 - sur une Romance de Mozart

The arias upon which these works were based were so well-known at the time that there was no need for the composers to add any further details, which makes it difficult now to identify these "hits of the time". Initially published between 1806 and 1816, Florence Badol-Bertrand, musicologist, went through the first prints, collected in Parisian archives, edited, revised and rearranged them. Suggestions as to articulation and phrasing were added by Jean-Pierre Arnaud, solo English horn player at the Parisian Opera. Their level of difficulty is upper intermediate as they contain some virtuoso passages.
Book 2 is available HERE