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Ready to Rumble (performance scores) - 2CBSN

Composer: Wolfgang, Gernot

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 1840 - 70818


Ready to Rumble (2019)
for two contrabassoons
by Gernot Wolfgang (b. 1957) - Austrian composer


Ready To Rumble! was commissioned in 2019 by an international consortium of 24 contrabassoonists.

 The 7-minute piece is based on two principal musical elements – a rolling, medium tempo composite groove, and a lyrical, harmonized melody serving as a bridge. Both elements appear alternately throughout the piece. The groove is slightly varied in each iteration, while the harmonized melody goes through more noticeable forms of variation.

Gernot Wolfgang, Los Angeles, July 2019

For a fun performance by Harry Searing and Chad Smith, click HERE.