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Lyrical Intermezzo - VLN/BSN/PN

Composer: Wolfgang, Gernot

Publisher: Doblinger (Austria)

Edition: 60033


Lyrical Intermezzo (2010)
for violin, bassoon, and piano
by Gernot Wolfgang (b. 1957) - Austrian composer

I. The Autumn Wind
II. A Single Fir Tree
III. Flutes, Trumpets, and Violins
IV. Midnight

Lyrical Intermezzo for violin, bassoon, and piano is a composition in four movements inspired by the poems from the collection of the same name by German romantic poet Heinrich Heine. The names of the individual movements correspond loosely with the first lines of the original German versions of the poems that the composer chose. 

In addition to being concerned with the moods and meanings of the poems, the composed has colored each movement with distinct national flavors. Autumn Wind is colored by the sounds of Spain, A Single Fir Tree has a Norwegian influence, Flutes, Violins, & Trumpets mixes Irish folk aspects with American contemporary jazz, and Midnight contains a touch of early 20th century Vienna.