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Of Gongs and Cymbals (score & set) - PERC/VOC/NAR/ORCH

Composer: Weait, Christopher

Publisher: Chris Weait

Edition: 71196


Of Gongs and Cymbals
for solo percussionists, baritone or mezzo-soprano voice, narrator and orchestra
by Christopher Weait (b. 1939)- American composer, bassoonist, and pedagogue

OF GONGS AND CYMBALS was composed for and dedicated to Warren Hyer, percussionist, instrument maker, gong colletor and executive director of the Central Ohio Symphony.
The work was premiered by the orchestra under the composer's direction on March 2, 1997
in Gray Chapel at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. 

The full instrumentation includes:

  • flute 1
  • flute 2 & piccolo
  • 2 oboes (play small gongs in Finale)
  • 2 Bb clarinets
  • 2 bassoons (play small gongs in Finale)
  • 2 French horns (play small gongs in Finale)
  • 1 trumpet in C
  • 1 trombone (play small gongs in Finale)
  • narrator
  • mezzo-soprano or baritone (only in no.7)
  • strings
  • 3 percussionists
  • Instruments required:

    No. 1 Introduction: Glockenspiel

    No. 2 Gongs as Signals: 3 gongs (backstage, in audience, on stage)

    No. 3 Gongs and Cymbals: Pair of cymbals (Piatti), Suspended cymbal, Low booming gong, High metallic gong, Very small gong, Biggest available gong, Spinning gong, Gongs for bowing with string instrument bow, and for using hard, soft and triangle beaters

    No. 4 Entrance Hymn for the Emperor: Small gong, Large gong, Wood block, Tenor drum, Xylophone

    No. 5 “Kayzee” Cymbal: “Kayzee” cymbal (Spinning gong)

    No. 6 Celebration: Wood block, 2 Nipple gongs, Large and small gongs

    No. 7 Praise the Lord: Suspended cymbal, Pair of cymbals (Piatti), Finger cymbals or Ping-ling, Tambourine

    No. 8 Belly Dance Music: Finger cymbals or Ping-ling, Small tambourine, 3 Tom-toms

    No. 9 Janissary Instruments: Bass drum, Pair of cymbals (Piatti), Triangle

    No. 10 March from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony: Bass drum, Pair of cymbals (Piatti), Triangle

    No. 11 Pop Cymbals: Hi-hat, Splash cymbal, Sizzle cymbal, Ride cymbal, Crash cymbal, Chinese crash cymbal

    No. 12 Blues: Drum set

    No. 13 Water Gong: Water gong

    No. 14 Finale: Xylophone, War cymbals, 2 gongs, 7 Small gongs for oboists, clarinetists, bassoonists, hornists and the trombonist to play.

Duration: app. 14 minutes