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Flute Ensemble Tunings (performance scores) - 4FL

Composer: Weait, Christopher

Publisher: Chris Weait

Edition: 59593


Flute Ensemble Tunings
for four flutes (and optional alto flute)
by Christopher Weait (b. 1939) - American composer, bassoonist, and pedagogue
1. Tune, blend unisons, octaves, and arpeggios
2. Copycat gambits
3. Handing off
4. Trading places
5. Pyramids to thirds
6. Yanking Thirds
7. Final Chords
8. Cluster Busters

For Nancy Gamso. Flute Ensemble Tunings may be used with or without a coach. The score form allows all players to see all the other parts. The alto flute part is the same as flute 4.