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Come A Dancing: A Canadian Folk Song (Score & Set)-BAND

Composer: Weait, Christopher

Publisher: Chris Weait

Edition: CW9006


Come A Dancing: A Canadian Folk Song
for winds and percussion
by Christopher Weait (b. 1939)- American composer, bassoonist, and pedagogue
The full instrumentation includes:
  • piccolo
  • flute
  • 2 oboes
  • 2 Bb clarinets
  • bass clarinet
  • 2 bassoons
  • 4 French horns
  • 2 bb trumpets
  • 2 trombones
  • bass trombone
  • tuba
  • timpani (4 kettles), cow bell
  • xylophone, bells
  • chime, cymbals, guiro
  • snare drum, claves, maracas
  • wood block, temple blocks (3), claves
  • bass drum, castanets
Duration: 4:05