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Clarinet Warm-Ups - CL METHOD

Composer: Weait, Christopher

Publisher: Chris Weait

Edition: 59650


Clarinet Warm-Ups
for clarinet
by Christopher Weait (b. 1939) - American composer, bassoonist, and pedagogue

Warming up is as important for musicians as it is for athletes. It helps prepare the body and mind to perform efficiently by reducing tension and encouraging a state of relaxed attention. 
These warm-ups emphasize legato playing- the basis for good tone, good pitch, good coordinations, and good articulation. In addition to warming up your instrument, fingers, and ear, they gradually expand range, breathing endurance, dynamic levels and rhythmic awareness. Warming up will allow you to notice if your reed or instrument need adjustment before continuing to play. It is especially important to warm up when playing on a new reed.
Doing the warm-ups every time you play builds confidence and reduces stress. Use a metronome occasionally, but not all the time. After you become familiar with the warm-ups, it will take less than 10 minutes to play them. 
When warming up, do not "practice" by repeating passages over and over. Just warm up! Play straight through them while noticing the feel of the instrument, the response of the reed, how your body feels, and the sound you are making. 
After you warm up, you can begin practicing, rehearsing, or performing. 
To the fond memory of my Toronto Symphony colleague, Avraham Galper.