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Bassoon ABC, v2 - BSN METHOD

Composer: Warner-Buhlmann, Helga

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 55231


Bassoon ABC, volume 2
bassoon method
by Helga Warner-Buhlmann (b. 1961) - German bassoonist, composer, and pedagogue

Exercises from A-Z is the subtitle of this new work by Helga Warner-Buhlmann, whose compositions are well known to countless young bassoonists through Lisa and Jan, Cool Coco, Leisure Time and others. 

"Like the first volume, this bassoon ABC comes from my teaching practice. In order to achieve certain matters, I composed little pieces and then tried to find humorous titles, to entice my students to pracice them. Step by step it became more and more and finally, the second volume was completely "alphabetized. " The booklet is intended as working material that can also be used to explain theoretical terms such as chromatics, syncope, thirds, duodecimes or the complete circle of fifth. Also some modern playing techniques are practiced.

A large part of the exercises can and should be done with rhythmic changes and/or tone doubling to be practiced. The tempo can be chosen depending on the ability or musical performance.

The order is, of course, strictly alphabetical and not sorted by difficulty level. Therefore, everybody can decide which exercise he/she will play next, or the respective teacher decides what should be practiced. Who wants, a large part of the pieces can also be used for practicing the tenor clef, then only a sharp more has to be added or a flat taken away.

Volume 1 may be found HERE.