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Bassoon ABC, v1 - BSN METHOD

Composer: Warner-Buhlmann, Helga

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 55120


Bassoon ABC, volume 1
bassoon method
by Helga Warner-Buhlmann (b. 1961) - German bassoonist, composer, and pedagogue

Exercises from A-Z is the subtitle of this new work by Helga Warner-Buhlmann, whose compositions are well known to countless young bassoonists through Lisa and Jan, Cool Coco, Leisure Time and others. 

Technical and rhythmic basics (chords, chromatics, triads) are practised in aplayful way from A-Z in short pieces. The letter "N" makes in "New sounds -who dares?" first acquaintance with multiple sound.

Tone range: E-c1 (only once to d1) - therefore also perfectly suitable for the mini bassoon!

Volume 2 may be found HERE.