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Facets (score & parts) - OB/BSN

Composer: Vosk, Jay

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71289



for oboe and bassoon

by Jay Vosk, American composer

Swift, Sudden
Brisk, Carefree

From the composer:

It has been said that music may defined as liquid architecture. In writing this duet for oboe and bassoon, I imagined a four sided structure ; each side having its own set of qualities, almost like a series of low reliefs. The first side, I. Plaintive,  consists of a series of lyrical lines weaving in and out of each other. This is followed by, II. Swift and sudden. Here ,the relief consists of sharp angular lines that seem to pierce each other. Next, III. Sorrowful, is a pair of  lines yearning to reach each other, yet seem to move away from each other. Finally, IV. Brisk, carefree. These are a series of playful swoops and swirls which at times seem to be dancing off the side of the structure.

Jay Vosk has written over 100 compositions for a variety of media. These include works for orchestra, choir, concert band and chamber ensembles and opera. He is the recipient of a Tucson-Pima Arts Fellowship as well as an Arizona Resident Composer Award sponsored by the National Symphony Orchestra. His works have been performed throughout the U.S, Europe and Asia and at a number of IDRS conventions.