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Gustave Vogt's Musical Album of Autographs - OB/PN or EH/PN

Composer: Vogt, Gustave

Publisher: Carl Fischer

Edition: 59077


Gustave Vogt's Musical Album of Autographs: 15 Pieces for Oboe and English Horn
for oboe and piano, and English horn and piano (and three oboes)
by Gustave Vogt (1781-1870) - French oboist and composer

Toward the end of his career, Gustave Vogt (1781-1870), known as the “grandfather of the modern oboe,” collected sixty-two excerpts from his colleagues’ compositions to create his famous Musical Album of Autographs. Gustave Vogt’s Musical Album of Autographs contains fifteen pieces for oboe or English horn from that collection, carefully curated by Dr. Kristin Leitterman for young developing players seeking simple yet sophisticated solo material.
This collection includes:
    1. Artôt, Joseph Alexandre- Andante for Oboe and Piano
    2. Beaulieu, Marie-Désiré- Pensée for Oboe and Piano
    3. Berlioz, Hector- Excerpt from Roméo et Juliette for Oboe and Cello
    4. Bohrer, Anton- Nocturne for Oboe and Piano
    5. Carafa, Michele- Andantino for English Horn and Piano
    6. Chelard, André-Jean-Baptiste- Scène de la Somnambule de l’opéra de Macbeth for English Horn and Piano
    7. Clapisson, Louis- Pastorale for English Horn and Piano
    8. Cramer, Johann Baptist- Penseé for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello
    9. Donizetti, Gaetano and Vogt, Gustave- Excerpt from Donizetti’s Prière de Maria Rohan for English Horn and Piano
    10. Girard, Narcisse- Andante espressivo for Oboe and Piano
    11. Halévy, Jacques- Petit caprice, fugué for Three Oboes
    12. Joachim, Joseph- Andantino for Oboe and Piano
    13. Onslow, Georges- Andante espressivo for Oboe and Piano
    14. Thomas, Ambroise- Le guérillero (Entr’acte) for Oboe and Piano
    15. Viardot, Pauline (Garcia)- Andantino for Oboe and Piano