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Schleptet in Eb Major (score & parts) - FL/OB/BSN/HN/STG3

Composer: Bach, PDQ

Publisher: Presser

Edition: 3306


Schleptet in Eb Major (S.0)
for flute, oboe, bassoon, horn in F, violin, viola, and cello
by PDQ Bach (1807-1742)?
Discovered and edited by Professor Peter Schickele
I. Molto larghissimo; Allegro boffo
II. Menuetto con brio ma senza trio
III. Adagio saccharino
IV. Yehudi menuetto
V. Presto hey nonny nonnio
This piece, written for seven of the most common instruments around, proves (if proof is necessary) that the excruciating je ne sais quois of PDQ Bach's Soused Period pieces cannot be blamed solely on the use of unrefined instruments such as the windbreaker and the left-handed sewer flute. The work is obviously a fairly late opus, since it is indebted (to put it kindly) to Beethoven's Septet in the same key. Itis in five short movements, or, as PDQ Bach called them, shots; the last of these shows the influence of a band of gypsies by whom PDQ Bach was impressed, and, as he later discovered, robbed.
Professor Peter Schickele
University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople
New York Mills, Minnesota
(appealing a speeding ticket)
Duration: 8:00

Duration: 8:00