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Capriccio "La Pucelle De New Orleans" (score & parts) - 2FL/2OB/2CL/2BSN/TPT/TBN

Composer: Bach, P.D.Q.

Publisher: Presser

Edition: 114-40578


Capriccio "La Pucelle De New Orleans"
The Maid of New Orleans (S. under 18)
for two flutes, two oboes, clarinet, two bassoons, trumpet, and trombone
by PDQ Bach (1807-1742)?
Edited, with abandon, by Professor Peter Schickele

One of the most important people in PDQ Bach's musical life was a nobleman from Normandy names Count Pointercount. He had ancestors on both sides of the English Channel, and through him, PDQ was exposed not only to the music of the Elizabethans and Purcell, but also to the wealth of French folk music that dotted, even double-dotted the Norman countryside in those innocent, pre-mass media days. The Capriccio "La Pucelle de New Orleans" is based on a song composed in that charmingly anonymous folk fashion, by soldiers stationed in the title city when it was still a French colonial burg; the song's lyrics, presented here for possible subtext purposes only (the Capriccio is purely instrumental) is as follows:
La pucelle de New Orleans, do you speak,
La pucelle de New Orleans, do you speak,
La pucelle de New Orleans, sat down in some pork and beans,
Hinky dinky do you speak.

A very funny, I think you'll agree, song. 
Professor Peter Schickele December 21, 1991
Dudeldorf, Germany
On a dig

Duration: 4:00