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Delta Jukebox - 2BSN/PN

Composer: Schickele, Peter

Publisher: Presser

Edition: 39255


Delta Jukebox
for two bassoons and piano
by Peter Schickele (b. 1935) - American composer
1. Meadow Music
2. Bearsville Bounce
3. Even Bassoonists Get the Blues


My love for the sound of two bassoons eventually produced Delta Jukebox, which was written without a commission or a specific performance in mind. The title was inspired by the fact that the area around the delta of the Mississippi River is traditionally thought of as the birthplace of the blues, and all three movements of the piece are in blues form, but in what you might call the standard latter-day blues form; the music makes no attempt to imitate the early blues of the Deep South. Delta Jukebox was completed on July 14th, 1991, and premiered on May 21st, 2002 at the Zipper Concert Hall in Los Angeles by Rose Corrigan and John Steinmetz, with Guy Hallman on piano. 
--Peter Schickele