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Dream Dances (score & parts) - FL/OB/CEL

Composer: Schickele, Peter

Publisher: Presser

Edition: 69343


Dream Dances
for flute, oboe, and cello
by Peter Schickele (b. 1935) - American composer
  1. Minuet
  2. Jitterbug
  3. Waltz
  4. Galop
  5. Sarabande
I was doing a PDQ Bach concert with the Grand Rapids Symphony; somehow the tuba part for one of the pieces never arrived. The orchestra's librarian, who was also one of the oboists, offered to copy it out from the score, and when I asked her how she wanted to be paid- cash, PDQ Bach records, sheet music- she said, "Whatever you want". Meanwhile, she had mentioned that she played in a trio consisting of flute, oboe, and cello, and I started getting ideas for a little piece employing those three instruments; that piece, called "The Not-So-Grand, Not-So-Rapid Waltz", turned out to be her payment. 
After I finished it, I knew I wanted to make it part of a larger work. Dream Dances was completed on August 26, 1988 and premiered on May 17, 1989 at Barge Music in Brooklyn, NY; the performers were Gwyndalyn L. Mansfield-Holttom, Robert Botti, and Peter Rosenfeld. 
Duration: 12:00