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Three Nocturnes - BSN/PN

Composer: Ronnes, Robert

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 7006 - 35825


Three Nocturnes (1982/2000)
for bassoon and piano
by Robert Ronnes (b. 1959) - Norwegian bassoonist and composer
1. Moderato e espressivo
2. Dolce
3. Pesante e espressivo
The Three Nocturnes for bassoon and piano have been through many revisions before the last version in 2000. When the work was composed in 1982 the original title was Three Nocturnes for basso oboe to low Bb Flat and Piano- "Hommage a F. Delius". This work was composed for me when I played the bass oboe to low Bb in the 1980s and 1990s. The inspiration to this work comes from many years of listening to and loving the music of the composer Frederick Delius. The premiere of that version of the Three Nocturnes was in Lodz, Poland on May 17th, 2000 with Axel Schmidt bass oboe, and Reinhard Wolschina, piano.
After revising it for the last time in 2000, I also made a version for bassoon and piano. That version was performed at the IDRS Convention in Buenos Aires, Argentina in August, 2000 by the composer with pianist and composer Wolfgang Plaage. 
I changed the title to Three Nocturnes and made the original version for Heckelphone and piano because of the very seldom used bass oboe to low Bb. This also gives the work a fuller sound in the solo part. The Three Nocturnes should be played very calmly and with much flexibility. The tempi indications are maximum tempi, and the Nocturnes should never be rushed but rather, should be performed with a steady flowing phrasing. The sounds from both instruments should be full and warm. 
Stavanger, April 2005
Robert Ronnes