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Trio de Salon (score & parts) (Lyman) - OB/BSN/PN

Composer: Grandval, Marie Clemence de

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 6052 - 67910


Trio de Salon
for oboe, bassoon, and piano
by Marie Clemence de Granvdal (1828-1907) - French composer

Edited by Jeff Lyman.

This edition is based on a copy of the original Schonenberger publications (ca. 1850, Paris) and help in the Women's Composers Collection at the University of Michigan Music Library. As the three parts were published in score form, many articulations and dynamics differ among them, and articulations in the same part are often contradictory from phrase to phrase. While a few were changed for this edition and appear as dotted slurs, most appear here as they do in the original, some covering an entire bar, others leaving one or two pitches to be articulated separately at the pianist's discretion. The composer's pedaling indication border on the obsessive, and this edition preserves them all in the hope of accurately representing the composer's intentions.