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Sonata sopra "La Monica" - BSN/VLN/PN (Basso Continuo)

Composer: Boddecker, Philipp Friedrich

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 67201


Sonata sopra "La Monica" 
from the "Sacra Partitura" 1651
for violin, bassoon, and keyboard (continuo)
Philipp Friedrich Boddecker (1607-1683) - German court organist and composer

This work is theme and variations based on the Renaissance Folk Song, "La Monica" the subject matter of which is  a girl tearfully pleading with her mother not to be sent off to a convent. The variations are increasingly florid, resulting in a work of true virtuosity. In an interesting side note, Boddecker's "La Monica" was the first work for solo bassoon to be published outside of Italy. 

This edition comes with a solo bassoon part, keyboard accompaniment, and a solo violin part. The violin plays the role of obligato soloist; playing the melody several times in an unadorned fashion while the bassoon plays through increasingly technical variations. This edition is based on the earlier edition by Max Sieffert in 1934. Another version of "La Monica" is published by Universal. It has the same bassoon and keyboard accompaniment, along with a basso part, but no violin obligato. It can be found by clicking HERE.