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The Bassoon Song - BSN/PN or WW5 (with solo BSN)

Composer: Ashlyn, Quenton

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 1231 - 35564


The Bassoon Song (1883)
for bassoon and piano or bassoon solo with woodwind quintet
by Quenton Ashlyn - pseudonym of society entertainer Frank Kennedy (British)

This set includes one bassoon solo part, a piano accompaniment, as well as a full quintet score and part set with the bassoon as soloist. 

A note from the publisher:
The turn of the 19th century parlor song has almost become a forgotten oddity; yet in its day it was widely performed in a variety of forms by nearly every instrument, throughout Europe and the United States. Having turned two centuries since, it is appropriate and timely that the resurgence of such gems be returned to their proper place in recital, the concert stage, and private salons.
The seriousness of such repertoire, as expressed by the publisher of the original edition, is found on the music's cover page with such quotes as: "This song may be freely sung everywhere, excepting Theatres, Music Halls" and "An imitation instrument can be had from the publisher".
The decision to make an edition with the solo bassoon accompanied by the other musicians of a wind quintet comes from the traditions by such great composers as Fucik, Gangelberger, and others. Being a true solo of the utmost difficulty, it is suggested that the bassoonist assume the proper position in front of the quintet (and the piano) and further, all accolades at the end of the performance should be reserved for the bassoonist as the accompaniment of the piano or the quartet is rather insignificant and probably not worthy of acknowledgment.