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Stick Figures (Score & Parts)-2CL/2BSN

Composer: Lacy, Christopher

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 1100


Fun and challenging parts for all 4 players. Colorful and inventive writing. From the composer:

Stick: In common parlance, and especially in the early and mid 20th century Jazz world, the clarinet could be referred to as a "licorice stick". A standard word in orchestral scores for the bassoon is "fagotto" which is the Italian world for a bundle of sticks. 

Figures: Musicians use the terms "figure" to refer to a group of notes, usually a rapid succession of notes that repeat or repeat with some type of variation. 

Stick Figures: a type of line drawing associated with children's first attempt at art.

In the music of Stick Figures, I have tried to capture the moods of childish or child-like activities, written for the instrumental "sticks" of clarinet and bassoons. In "A Stroll" the music captures the mood of Brother or Sister pushing Baby in a stroller (perhaps); "A Prayer" could be the simple nighttime meditation of a 10 year old; "A Dance" is a solitary girl playing "dress-up" pretending to be a ballerina; and in "A Game" four naughty children play a rough and athletic game of tag, pushing, leaping, marching, mocking on e another and finally falling exhausted to the ground.