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Composer: Melillo, Stephen

Publisher: Stormworks (Stephen Melillo)

Edition: 66858


for bassoon and ensemble (mostly percussion-see below)
by Stephen Melillo (b. 1957) - American composer
This is a contemporary composition (2000/2001) written for Dorian Cooke. It is intended as a piece for solo bassoon and percussion ensemble, but the piece is flexible. Here is what the composer has to say:
1. The work may be rendered live, by playing either Bassoon Solo Version 1 or Version 2
2. The work may be rendered live by 4 bassoonists.
3. There are 2 versions which are presented for a recording in which the Bassoon parts are overdubbed. 
This work is composed for 10 musicians:
  • 1 Bassoonist, with options for 2 versions and 5 overdubs
  • 1 Live Chorus (off-stage) or Synthesized with PAD Bass on a Split Keyboard
  • 1 Harp (the part may be triggered from a MIDI for recording without an actual harpist)
  • 1 Timpanist
  • 1 Chimes player, doubling on finger cymbals and tambourine
  • 1 Vibraphone, doubling on Roto-Toms or 4 Tuned Tenor Drums
  • 1 Marimba, doubling on Orchestral bells
  • 1 Percussion One- Snare, Clave, Shaker, Wind Chimes, Triangle, and Vibraslap
  • 1 Suspended Cymbal and Tam Player
  • 1 Conga Player