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Musica per Oboe, Fagotto e Pianoforte - OB/BSN/PN

Composer: Eben, Petr

Publisher: Supraphon (Czech Republic)

Edition: 66820


Music per Oboe, Fagotto e Pianoforte (1970)
for oboe, bassoon, and piano
by Petr Eben (b. 1929) - Czech composer, organist, and choirmaster


Written for the Stockholm Agency Rikskonserter for the composer's tour of Sweden. Mostly Atonal. Starts with an introductory fanfare consisting of a series of five intervals that grow larger. All atonal parts of the composition are derived from this sequence. There is also a purely tonal melody which form s a second level in the material of the composition. The melody is taken from a Gregorian chorale. The work ends with material drawn from the Christmas Chorale, "Venite, adoremus".