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Postcards from America-OB/PN

Composer: Kander, Susan

Publisher: Subito Music (USA)

Edition: 90900250


Postcards from America
for oboe and piano
by Susan Kander (b. 1957)- American composer
    1. Greetings from the Empire State State Building!
    2. Greetings from the Statue of Liberty!
    3. Greetings from the Brooklyn Bridge!

Performed at 2009 IDRS Conference in Birmingham, UK. Commissioned by Michele Fiala and Donald Speer.

Audiophile Audition: “…a very clever work that seeks its inspiration from feelings….the music depicts what sense of the unreal or the imposing or even a little frightening a person who has never seen New York before must feel.  This is a most interesting work, is quite effective and to Kander’s credit, does avoid any traps of clichéd writing.”
 BBC Music Magazine: “…a poignant narration of the immigrant experience.”
Fanfare Magazine: “…Michele Fiala’s oboe and Donald Speer’s piano tell the tale in a most effective manner.”

The following link is to the composer's website in which sound files of the piece may be heard: