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Composer: Makris, Andreas

Publisher: Southern Music Co

Edition: SU421


Sextet (1999)
for woodwind quintet and piano (with optional percussion)
by Andreas Makris (1930-2005)- Greek-American composer and violinist
I. Introduction
II. Modern Chapel
III. Greek Dance
The two outer movements of this work are Greek dances with odd-meter rhythms and vigorous tempi, suggesting perhaps a vibrant life force. The first movement also contains a short aleatoric section in which several of the wind players "tune up", a possible poke at contemporary compositional techniques- or perhaps at the members of the ensembles themselves. in contrast, the second movement, "Modern Chapel" begins with a long piano solo, surely simulating the sound of a country church pianist, replete with unsophisticated harmonies. The winds enter, and after a solo for flute, they repeat the four-part harmony presented by the piano. The composer could not resist adding an optional snare and bass drum part to the last movement: the work ends in a state of heightened exuberance as the drums pound out an exhilarating 7/6 pulse throughout. 
Level 5