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Dozen Plus One (Peformance Scores)-2BSN

Composer: Wienandt, Elwyn A.

Publisher: Southern Music Co

Edition: ST891


Dozen Plus One
for two bassoons
Arranged by Elwyn A. Wienandt (b. 1917)- American composer and musicologist

This title comes as two performance scores, and includes:

  1. Prayer from "Hansel and Gretel" by Engelbert Humperdinck
  2. Esercizio by G. Rabboni
  3. Dynamics Study by T. Berbiguier
  4. Duo by Frederic Duvernoy
  5. Chanson by Gerard Turnhout
  6. Hymn to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven
  7. Sarabanda by Arcangelo Corelli
  8. Simple Song by Friedrich Karl, Count of Erbach
  9. Serenade by Johann Pezel
  10. Study in Imitation by Benedetto Marcello
  11. Etude by Joseph Muntzberger
  12. Blues by Elwyn A Wienandt
  13. Kremser (Thanksgiving Hymn)- Old Netherlands Melody

This collection of duets is appropriate for the beginner to intermediate bassoon duo.