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Oboe Duets & Trios, V1 (performance score)(McCarty) - 2OB & 3OB

Composer: Collection

Publisher: Southern Music (USA)

Edition: 14849


Oboe Duets and Trios, Volume 1 
Edited and Arranged by Evelyn McCarty
  1. The Great Hunt
  2. The Little Gypsy (Two Versions)
  3. The Ship
  4. The Two Mills
  5. The Anchor
  6. The King's Arms
  7. Bagatelle
  8. The Bells
  9. Jack-Of-The-Green
  10. Happy Springtime
  11. The Monkeys
  12. Capuchina
  13. The Sentinel & His MInuet
  14. The Dove Cote
  15. Glory
  16. The Fricassee
  17. The Contra Clarin
  18. The Shepherd's Hour
  19. The Minuet For Four
  20. The Old Bachelor
  21. The Little Dulcimer
  22. The King's March
  23. The English Passepied
  24. Prince George
  25. The French Flag
  26. The Quadrille
  27. The French Ambassador
  28. The English Flageolet
  29. The Surrender Of Love
  30. The Girl From Valencia
  31. Royal Weddings
  32. The Galop
  33. The University of Oxford
  34. The Soldier And His Girlfriend
  35. He, The Falsehearted One

This collection contains both trios and duets. It is a continuation of the series continued with the second volume HERE. Both collections are an outgrowth of a Northwestern University study: to make a performance edition of selected dances from the Eleanor Hague Manuscript of Music from Colonial Mexico. The tune of each selected dance is given to the first oboe, but these duets may be played on any instruments with a range from middle C up two octaves to high C. Since these dances are 300 years old, they present certain performance practice problems. The editor has added some explanatory notes to suggest rhythmic alterations, such as eighth notes being played mildly unequal, etc. Musical taste must be brought to bear in performance, of course. 

This title comes as one performance score. There are no individual parts.