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Six Sonatas- SOLO OB (FL)

Composer: Devienne, François

Publisher: Southern Music Co

Edition: B408


Six Sonatas
for unaccompanied flute (or oboe)
by Francois Devienne (1759-1803)- French flautist, bassoonist,  and composer
Sonata I
I. Allegro con spiritoso- II. Adagio- III. Rondo, Allegretto
Sonata II
I. Moderato- II. Largo- III. Allegretto
Sonata III
I. Allegro poco moderato- II. Larghetto- III. Allegro ma non troppo
Sonata IV
I. Allegro brilliante- II. Adagio- II. Rondo
Sonata V
I. Allegretto- II. Adagio- III. Allegro vivace
Sonata VI
I. Allegro moderato- II. Adagio- III. Andante grazioso con variazione
Edited by Albert J. Andraud. 
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