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Fifteen Grands Solos de Concert (Andraud) - OB/PN

Composer: Andraud, Albert

Publisher: Southern Music Co

Edition: 1517


Fifteen Grand Solos de Concert
for oboe and piano
Edited by Albert J Andraud (1884-1975) - French-born oboist and pedagogue
This collection contains the oboe and piano accompaniment parts for 15 solos.
    1. Guilhaud: First Concertino
    2. Paladilhe: Solo de Concert
    3. Nielsen: Romance and Humoresque (Fantasy Pieces)
    4. Lefebvre: Andante and Allegro
    5. Mozart: Concerto in Eb
    6. Colin: Third Solo de Concert
    7. Dallier: Fantasie-Caprice
    8. Bertain: Serenade
    9. Busser: Eclog (Pastoral Poem)
    10. Bach, J.S.: Andante
    11. Bach, J.S.: Menuet
    12. Bach, J.S.: Famous Aria
    13. Bach, J.S.: Rondo
    14. Bach, J.S.: Siciliano
    15. Bach, J.S.: Arioso