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The Oboist's Concert Album (set)(Andraud) -OB/PN

Composer: Andraud, Albert

Publisher: Southern Music Co

Edition: 14439


The Oboist's Concert Album
for oboe and piano
Edited by Albert J. Andraud (1884-1975)- French-born oboist and pedagogue
This collection contains:
1. Johann Sebastian Bach- Aria
2. Johann Sebastian Bach- Siciliano
3Charles Colin- Grande Fantasie Concertante
4. Charles Colin- Les Echos de Marnes
5. Charles Colin- 1st Solo de Concert
6. Charles Colin- 2nd Solo de Concert
7. Charles Colin- 3rd Solo de Concert
8. Charles Colin- 4th Solo de Concert
9. Charles Colin- 5th Solo de Concert
10. Charles Colin- 6th Solo de Concert
11. Charles Colin- 7th Solo de Concert
12. De Boisdeffre- Scenes Villageoises
13. De Grandval- Concerto
14. De Vilbac- A Cyprian Song (for solo oboe)
15. Andre Flegier- Celebre Villanelle
16. Leclair- Aria
17. Leclair- Musette
18. Godard- Scotch Scenes
19. Godard- Legende Pastorale
20. Godard- Serenade a Mabel
21. Godard- March of the Highlanders
22. Georg Friedrich Handel- Concerto in g minor
23. Georg Friedrich Handel- 1st Sonata
24. Georg Friedrich Handel- 2nd Sonata
25. Lenom- Musette
26. Sigt. Meyer- Three Rustic Miniatures (for solo oboe)
27. Mondonville- Tambourin
28. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Adagio Religioso
29. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Larghetto
30. Gabriel Pierne- Piece in g minor
31. Soler- Souvenir de Madrid
32. Verroust- 4th Solo de Concert
33. Verroust- Souvenir of Old Quebec