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Blues & Old Shoes Op 54- CL/BSN

Composer: Stewart, Don

Publisher: Trillenium Music Company (Don Stewart)

Edition: 1313


In the words of the composer:

I had this call from a friend, who asked "What do you have for clarinet and bassoon? I need something to play at a party!" I had nothing to satisfy the requirement. In 50 years of composing, nothing like that. So, after a short time, I began assembling a few ideas, And o and behold...

Simple American ideas...hopefully easy. Some Blues were required; not too slow. A little down-south funk, (thus a bow to Mose Allison), also was called for. A Waltz seemed appropriate, even though what emerged is terse and a bit new. And a show-une, dressed with Bop ( a tip of the hat to Billy May perhaps), one of Cole Porter's best. This all might require some learning, but the idions are not new. 

Old Shoes...they are a comfortable fit, even though some sand may have gotten in...and sometimes require a little repair or adjustment to still be serviceable. Just right for entertaining!


This collection comes with two performance scores, as well as extra pages for page turns. This is a fun collection of pieces!