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Two Morsels (performance scores) - OBD'AMORE/BSN or EH/BSN

Composer: Steinmetz, John

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 2390 - 68858


Two Morsels
for oboe d'amore/English horn and bassoon
by John Steinmetz (b.1951) - American composer, bassoonist, writer, satirist, speaker
1. Grabthar's Hammer for oboe d'amore and bassoon
2. Fooled 'Em Again for English horn and bassoon
Commissioned by Ben Kamins for Janet Rarick's birthday. Ben commissioned this music as a birthday present, because these two married people- a bassoonist and an oboist- like to play duets. I wrote two short duos pairing the bassoon with two of the oboe's larger siblings. One duet features oboe d'amore (a little bit bigger than the oboe) and the other features English Horn (a little bigger yet). The two duets are separate pieces, not chapters of a larger story. 
I tried to write music that would be fun to play. The titles come from favorite family phrases. "Grabthar's Hammer" is a running gag in the movie Galaxy Quest. "Fooled 'Em Again" a beloved post-performance benediction, has special meaning for the Rarick-Kamins household. 
-John Steinmetz