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Favorite Folk Songs-BSN/PN

Composer: Ramsay, Patricia

Publisher: Spartan Press (Scotland)

Edition: SP530


Favorite Folk Songs
for bassoon and piano
Selected and arranged by Patricia Ramsay
  1. Robin Adair- Scotland
  2. My Love's an Arbutus- Ireland
  3. The Vicar of Bray- England
  4. The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls- Ireland
  5. Leezie Lindsay- Scotland
  6. Song of the Western Men- England
  7. All Through The Night- Wales
  8. Kelvin Grove- Scotland
  9. The Jolly Miller- England
  10. A Hunting We Will Go- England
  11. As Slow Our Ship- Ireland
  12. The Minstrel Boy- Ireland
  13. Ye Banks and Braes- Scotland
  14. The Flight of the Earls- Ireland
  15. David of the White Rock
  16. The Dove- Wales
  17. The Campbells Are Coming- Scotland
  18. Afton Water- Scotland
  19. The Happy Clown- England
  20. John Peel- England
  21. Early One Morning- England

This collection is appropriate for the beginning bassoonist.