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Who's Zoo?-BSN/PN

Composer: Cowles, Colin

Publisher: Spartan Press (Scotland)

Edition: SP485


Who's Zoo?
A Musical Who's Who of the Animal World
for bassoon and piano
by Colin Cowles
  1. One Hump or Two? (A Camel's Tea Party)
  2. The Zebra Crossing
  3. The Oranga Tanga!
  4. A Llama Drama
  5. G'iraffe To Do It? (who's Necking now?)
  6. The Alligator Rag (a snappy tune!)
  7. Jumbo's Lullaby (or Trunk in a Bunk!)
  8. Crock Rock
  9. A Conger R'eel!
  10. The Dandy Lion
  11. The Cockatoo Blues
  12. Hip Hip Hippo-ray!

Grades 3-5+