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Water Wings - FL/OB/PN

Composer: Sonkin, Gail

Publisher: Opus

Edition: 65074


Water Wings (2003)
for flute, oboe, and piano
by Gail Sonkin- American composer based in Chicago

Water Wings depicts the tranquility of a heron sitting on the edge of Lake Michigan at sunrise. The lake barely ripples in its calmest state and the heron hides in the weeds. This scene is embodied in Jared Smith's epic poem, Lake Michigan. Much of the poem describes the lake's violent temperament and strength, but the lake has a gentler side, as seen in the music. The consistent bass line in the piano part represents the slight ripple of the water. The flute and oboe dance above the water as the heron intently enjoys the early morning light. The music was used as part of a stage presentation of the poem, but was expanded as a trio for flute, oboe, and piano.