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Cinq Etudes Russes - SOLO OB

Composer: Silvestrini, Gilles

Publisher: Delatour

Edition: 57478


Cinq Etudes Russe
for oboe
by Gilles Silvestrini (b. 1961) - French oboist and composer
I. Hommage a Schostakovich: ou le roulement de tambour
II. Hommage a Rchmaninoff: ou la Nuit de Walpurgis
III. Hommage a Scriabin: ou "Tourbillonant, aile"
IV. Hommage a Prokofieff: ou Volteface
V. Hommage a Stravinsky: ou capriccio serioso
These etudes make extensive use of extended technique. Dedicated to Jean-Michel Penot