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Water Voyages - CL/BSN/TRACK

Composer: Shapiro, Alex

Publisher: Alex Shapiro

Edition: 70301


Water Voyages
for clarinet, bassoon, and audio track
by Alex Shapiro (b. 1962) - American composer


Water Voyages began life for a soloist, in a piece called Water Crossing commissioned by clarinetist F. Gerard Errante. When Gerry told me of his friendship with clarinetist D Gause and their duet recitals together, it seemed natural to create a second part. Years ago Gerry told me of his canoe, tied up at the dock by his house on the Virginia coastline. The thought of it waiting there for him made me imagine & wondrous journey, beginning in still, lake-like waters. During this mythical voyage, the canoe gradually morphs into a sailboat entering the open ocean, with dolphins dancing ahead of the bow. With this new version of the music, there are now two happy adventurers in the canoe.

Dedicated to Sue Collado and Pat Nelson.
(Duration: 9:30)