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Method for Oboe, vol. 2 - OB METHOD

Composer: Schaeferdiek, Marc

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 70807


MethodĀ for Oboe, vol. 2

by Marc Schaeferdiek (b. 1967) - Dutch oboe player and pedagogue

- Step by step introduction from basics
- Covers a range from B-flat to F3
- Tips for good posture, breathing, trills, practice methodology - Exercises for fingers, vibrations, technique, breath control, listening, rhythm, staccato, ornamentation, double tonguing - Lively pieces, from Baroque and Classical to Christmas carols, spirituals and folk songs, swing and modern playing techniques - More Duets offer many opportunities to make music together - Further publications to explore
- Suitable for group lessons
- Numerous illustrations

Volume 1 is available HERE.