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Frozen Landscape-SOLO BSN

Composer: Sampson, Jamie Leigh

Publisher: Adjective New Music

Edition: 57513


Frozen Landscape
for unaccompanied bassoon
by Jamie Leigh Sampson (b. 1984)-American composer

 Frozen Landscape is an exploration of gesture in an unilinear environment. Originally written in 204 as a two-minute exercise in composition, this work uses an ordered set of gestures, derived from several of Beethoven's piano sonatas, to control the exposition of phrase shape. Control over pitch class was no a central focus until, after several years, I decided to revise the exercise into a full composition. This allowed me to expand he dramatic range, fully exploiting the melancholy expressiveness of the bassoon. Frozen Landscape is included in Beauport Classical's CD Collaboration II: Fleeting Visions, which was released in 2008. 

Duration: 7:30